Spectre usage Demos

Switching cameras with chat commands

TheBaldDrummer on Twitch

A scene is created for every camera in OBS Studio, !cam1 and !cam2 chat commands activate one of those scenes.

Scene switching and source activation

anton_trubin on Twitch

In this example a lot of Spectre's functions are used. Chat controls everything you see - rooster scream, Jean-Claue Van Damme on a green screen, glitches - everything is controlled by viewers with chat commands.

Source activation on chat command

Maria_Bezrukova on Twitch

See that fire in the lower part of the screen? It was triggered by a chat command.

Filter activation with a donation

TheStringLord on Twitch

Donation made with DonationAlerts service triggered a hue-shift filter.

Switching scenes with chat commands

DrumMusicHome on Twitch

Streamer has several scenes in his OBS Studio: several main scenes with different UI colors and a cinematographic scene without UI. Users can choose a current scene using chat commands: !main, !greenmain or !movie.

Activating sounds with chat commands

DanielFlutters on Twitch

!clap chat command activated applause sound.

Activating media on chat command

SaveAsYouWish on Twitch

See that spacecraft on the background? It was activated with a !spacecraft command from chat.

Meme hell

Stho1tZ on Twitch

Bruh... Explosions! Meme sounds! Getting a close-up of the guitar neck during a solo performance, and with JoJo graphics? Yes, your viewers control all of that with chat commands and channel points!

Displaying a media source on chat command

rainbow_eyes on Twitch

Allow your viewers to express their lack of understanding of what happens on your stream, just like this streamer did with !what command, which displayed an ancient meme right on top of the stream.